WebLinks makes Shaarli bookmarks even better

WebLinks is an extension for the chrome webbrowser. It gives the Shaarli Bookmarks utility some extra features and a lot more speed.

Shaarli is the personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service. It gives you the option to save and share the links you discover. Shaarli is a bookmark manager and link sharing service that you can install on your own server. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.

You can find all the information on Shaarli on this website. It's a friendly fork of the original Shaarli project by S├ębastien Sauvage. It is now maintained by the Shaarli community at github.com/shaarli.

WebLinks uses the api-interface of Shaarli to exchange information with your shaarli-server. The first time you have to set the url to your server and the api-secret. The app will then synchronize in the background with your server. All the weblinks are stored in the local storage of your webbrowser, which makes the app really fast.

After you have installed the extension you are connected my Shaarli demo-site. You can see if it all works, but the information on this site is refreshed every 30 minutes. If you are satisfied you can enter your own url-link and secret in the settings-menu.



Several filter options



Download in json and csv-format

Tags and tagcloud


Option to rate weblink

Free and open source

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Use the keyboard for more speed

  • Enter: go to site
  • Space or F4: edit weblink
  • Escape (in edit-mode): cancel and return to list
  • up and down arrow: go to previous of next weblink
  • F3: search
  • F6: open tag cloud


You can install WebLinks from the Chrome Web Store. After installation choose settings to enter the url to your Shaarli-server and api-secret.





WebLinks is a free chrome-extension by Frans Schrijver. It is brought to you by Scriptel, a Dutch company for telecommunications and multimedia.

Copyright 2020: GPLv3


Version 0.1.0

Initial release